Company Formation and Registration with HMRC

The process of incorporating a UK entity is fairly straightforward, as long as all the relevant information is received. A company can be incorporated within 24 hours. The basic information required is as follows:
  • Name of the company (the availability of the name can be checked here;
  • Full details of the proposed Directors;
  • Registered Office details,( a service we can provide);
  • Number and type of shares to be issued;
  • Full details of the Beneficial shareholders of the company;
  • Full Anti Money Laundering information with supporting certified copies of documents by a Notary if not a UK resident.
Once the company is incorporated, Companies House will issue a Certificate of Incorporation showing the company name and company registration number. Companies House will automatically notify HMRC of the company incorporation. HMRC will then issue a Unique Tax Reference Number (UTR) to the company which is effectively the company’s Corporation Tax ID with the corporation tax authorities. The UTR will be posted to the registered office address. Every incorporated company must prepare financial statements that report on the performance and activities of the company during the financial year. The financial year starts on the day after the previous financial year ended or, in the case of a new company, on the day of incorporation. Financial years are determined by reference to an accounting reference period which is initially the anniversary of the end of the month in which the company was incorporated but this can be changed to align with other related companies.

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