ERB’s payroll management includes: working with tax authorities and insurance agents; creating accounting reports and payments to management, insurance plans; pension funds; saving funds, and more. 

ERB’s payroll personnel are skilled in labor law and are able to advise management on any issues relating to human resource issues such as dismissals, vacations, social benefits, maternity leave etc.

  • Payroll administration & Salary transfers;
  • Monthly and annual reporting to the authorities;
  • Payments: tax authorities, social security and income tax;
  • Managing employee termination:
  • Reports: cost to employer, allocation to manager’s insurance, allocation for compensation, payroll, and per demand;
  • Setting of salary benchmarks for the purposes of negotiation and salary comparison;
  • Tax rate adjustments for employees;
  • Assistance in preparing for tax authority audit – income tax and national insurance;
  • Calculation of senior executive salaries and fringe benefits;

Optimization of tax benefits.

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